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History of Palacios

Welcome to Palacios — a charming coastal town brimming with rich history, vibrant events, and various attractions to cater to all interests. Whether you're a history buff, an avid fisherman, or an outdoor adventurer, Palacios offers something special for all who visit this quaint coastal town.


Palacios began as a port town in the early 20th century and quickly became a hub of maritime activity and commerce, contributing to the town's rich cultural tapestry. Its relationship to the Gulf of Mexico is deeply ingrained in the town's history, where fishing and shrimping have been major development drivers. Home to the largest shrimp fleet on the Texas Coast.


Luther Highlights

Luther Hotel

The Luther Hotel has been a centerpiece of Palacios since the early 20th century. It offers a glimpse into the elegance and charm of a bygone era and is a testament to the town's storied past.

Over the years, The Luther Hotel has served as a second home for locals and visitors alike, preserving Palacios's rich heritage and its people. Whether you're in town for work or leisure, be sure to check out this hotel to experience the warm, home-away-from-home feel. A major renovation was recently approved for this historic hotel.


Our Community

Palacios boasts a tight-knit, welcoming community with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant local events. Currently, shrimping is the primary industry in Palacios.

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Palacios offers excellent educational opportunities with well-regarded schools that foster academic and personal growth. A new modern high school and middle school are in construction and will be ready for the next school year.

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Palacios features beautiful parks perfect for recreation, relaxation, and family activities. Palacios boasts a beautiful sea wall park with a large fishing pier.

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Palacios provides top-notch healthcare services with a well-equipped hospital and compassionate medical staff.

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A local airport conveniently serves Palacios and is just 90 minutes from the Houston airport, ensuring easy travel connections.

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Palacios' libraries offer a wealth of resources, programs, and a quiet space for reading.


Things to do



Cast a line or take a boat into deeper waters for an exciting fishing adventure in Palacios.

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Relax on the sandy shores of Palacios Beach and take in the stunning Gulf Coast views.

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Go hunting for ducks and other wild game in Palacios and the surrounding area.

Kayaking in Palacios


Paddle through the serene waters and view the natural beauty of Palacios up close.



Enjoy the calm waters and beautiful scenery of Tres Palacios Bay on a SUP.


Jet Skiing

Experience the thrill of jet skiing across the sparkling harbor water.

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Bird Watching

See several bird species in protected wetlands across the Gulf Coast. Palacios is world-renowned for being directly on the major migratory bird path, with hundreds of species visible each year.

Hiking in Palacios


Embark on peaceful walks along the Palacios Nature Trail and other local paths.

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Dive into local history at the City by the Sea Museum, which features facts about the town, artifacts, and exhibits.

Golfers in Palacios


Tee off at the Palacios Golf Course, a charming nine-hole course perfect for a relaxing game.


Our Events

tourist events

Tourist oriented Events

From lively festivals to intimate gatherings, there’s always something happening in Palacios.

One of the standout tourist-oriented events is the Matagorda Bay Birdfest. This annual festival is a must-visit for bird enthusiasts, featuring a vibrant parade of birds, a keynote dinner, and engaging speaker sessions that dive deep into birdwatching and conservation.

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Community events

Community oriented Events

Palacios hosts numerous community-oriented events, including local markets, art fairs, and holiday celebrations, that highlight the town's close-knit spirit and cultural richness.

One of the most popular community events is the Channel Kayak Race, hosted by the Texas Canoe and Kayak Racing Association. This thrilling race draws paddlers from across Texas to Palacios, showcasing their skills as they navigate the scenic waters of the Palacios Channel.

food & drink


food-drink-image (2)

Tran's Restaurant

Tran's Restaurant embodies Palacios' cosmopolitan spirit. It offers up bowls of pho with Texas meat and Vietnamese spices alongside fresh spring rolls that celebrate a fusion of Vietnamese heritage and Texan pride.

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The point

The Point at Palacios provides a delightful dining experience with fresh seafood, a friendly atmosphere, and stunning waterfront views. It showcases the best of local cuisine, from shrimp and oysters to grilled steaks.

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Palacios Mexican Restaurant

Palacios Mexican Restaurant serves flavorful tacos and enchiladas in a vibrant setting adorned with murals from Mexican mythology. It offers a cultural and culinary journey highlighting Mexico's rich history with Palacios hospitality.

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